Rotterdam has been getting some pretty damn good press lately. You might even consider visiting the 2nd largest city of The Netherlands. See this video first before you decide to come here. Just because…

Eric van Vuuren lives in Rotterdam and decided (just like I did a year ago, but he definitely did way better) that the best way to show Rotterdam as it really is, is not by telling the story in thousands of words. Just images, filmed scenes, no comments. His drone flew over town and this is what he filmed:

You see: now you got even more reasons to visit Rotterdam! If that’s not enough, check the video in this post to see what Rotterdam looks like during holiday-season. You might want to check my post on the nicest hotels in Rotterdam or the posts on where to eat in Rotterdam. Of course I also reveal the secrets of Rotterdam gay-life (especially why it is booming right now) if you are specifically looking for info on gay Rotterdam.

Have a great stay!