If you like traveling a lot and you have been to Asia, you know that Thai food is fantastic. It even seems to be one of the most healthy cuisines in the world. But finding good Thai restaurants in your hometown hardly gives you the same experience. However, if you are visiting Rotterdam you have come to the right city in the Netherlands for Thai food. pad thai restaurant rotterdam best Rotterdam is a multicultural city with 173 nationalities living together peacefully. The beating heart of ethnic cuisines is to be found at the Westkruiskade where Chinese, Turkish, Surinam, Mediterranean and Thai restaurants and supermarkets flourish. Good Thai restaurants you’ll find anywhere in the city, but I’ve listed my favorite 5 here and of course there’s one located in Rotterdams low-key version of Hells Kitchen – de Westkruiskade!

1. De Kleine Ondeugd – Oostzeedijk 348, 3063 CD

de kleine ondeugd thai restaurant rotterdamDon’t let the Dutch name (which could be translated as ‘guilty pleasure’) fool you, this place definitely serves the best Thai food in Rotterdam. They don’t have a menu: you will be served several small dishes which you can complement with rice or noodles. The taste is a pure as in Thailand and be prepared for some spicy dishes! De Kleine Ondeugd does not have a website, but you can visit their page on Facebook or give ‘em a call to make a reservation. You’ll need that!

2. Soi3 – West-Kruiskade 63a, 3014 AM

soi3 thai restaurant rotterdam liveliketomLocated at the Westkruiskade this restaurant is popular amongst locals and visitors. Especially crowds for the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) and North Sea Jazz like to stop by, because it’s central location (around the corner from Central Station and main theatres). The food is absolutely good and authentic Thai (the chef used to work at De Kleine Ondeugd). Beside the traditional spicy food, Soi3 also offers some mild dishes and all food is available for take-out too. They don’t take reservations, so have a beer if they can’t seat you upon arrival.

3. Blue Mekong – Proveniersstraat 29A, 3033 CG

blue mekong thai restaurant rotterdamFor years Blue Mekong has been Rotterdams most favorite Thai restaurant. They never changed a single thing to their succes-formula: good food at a good price in a no-frills restaurant. But since competitors provide a bit more atmosphere I decided to place them 3rd in this TOM5. This restaurant is conveniently located behind Central Station and therefore a good place to visit after a day in Rotterdam: close to the station and yet not crowded. Pick 7, 9 or 11 dishes to create a meal and you will absolutely taste Thailand!

4. Deli Bird – Delistraat 46C, 3072 ZL

deli bird thai restaurant rotterdamThis was one of the first restaurants that set the new standard of the popular area Katendrecht, also named De Kaap. City highlights like De Rotterdam, Hotel New York and Luxor Theater are close by and this big brother of Soi3 is also a good place to dine with groups. The restaurant has a nice hipster-vibe (just like Soi3) and all food is available for take-out. On sunny days, the outdoor terrace in front of the restaurant is a nice place to unwind and enjoy the food. Deli Bird also takes reservations, so give ‘em a call at +31 (0)10 485 52 88

5. Yam Thai – Straatweg 65, 3051 BD

yam thai thai restaurant rotterdamThe colorful interior of Yam Thai will get you into a holiday mood right away. The food is original and the menu extensive; it will be hard making a choice out of all the delicious dishes. In the summer the terrace is packed with locals (also because of it’s location: Yam Thai is located outside the city center). That and the recent complaints about the quality of the food puts Yam Thai on the 5th place. Maybe you should try take-out first and decide if you want to go back for more.

Did you spot a better Thai restaurant in Rotterdam, let me now by leaving a comment below!

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