Last year I wrote a post on the best hamburgers in Rotterdam. Ever since, new restaurants have been popping up and even in other restaurants the hamburger became more important. So the last few weeks I have been eating at least 2 hamburgers every week to find the best hamburger in Rotterdam (for 2015 that is). And instead of only visiting the hamburger restaurants I also visited other places that are worth a try.

Chef Diego en That Guy From Rotterdam met de Beste Hamburger in Rotterdam 2015

That Guy From Rotterdam and Chef Diego portrayed with the best hamburger in Rotterdam 2015 by Vincent van Dordrecht for Metro


So here they are: the 5 best hamburgerrestaurants in Rotterdam for 2015! Why these 5? Because they are the best, use the best meat, put some dedication in creating a unique burger AND because I decided not to judge the fries, the price and the furniture. In other words: a genuine consumer experience from a burger lover. (Besides, I also love Thai food, Italian food, coffee and cocktails.)

THE WINNER: Stroom – Lloydstraat 1, 3024 EA

Chef Diego sent me a message on Instagram, asking why I didn’t taste his burger on my quest for the best hamburger restaurant of Rotterdam. I decided to give it a go and went undercover to his restaurant Stroom, where the Instagram-chef took over the kitchen in 2014. What a great surprise it was: this is by far the best hamburger in Rotterdam! Why? First of all the agressive looking knife sticking out of the burger. You’ll need it, as you can’t eat it by hand; this burger is large! The egg benedict, the locally produced ketchup (by De Ketchupfariek) on the side, the right amount of sauce, fresh (and local) veggies and some real nice meat: in every single bite you will taste the love that Diego and his team put into creating it. Yes, there are hamburger restaurants in Rotterdam that offer more choice of meat and types of burgers. But after all, you are only getting one, so make it this one. Stroom is close to the Euromast and also easy accessible by Watertaxi (on of the must-do experience in Rotterdam).

best hamburger of rotterdambest hamburger ROtterdam 2015 stroom chef diego

The Runner-up: Ter Marsch & Co -Witte de Withstraat 70, 3012 BS

Since Ter Marsch & Co created the best hamburger in the Netherlands (named ‘Burgeresse’) it is hard to find the right time to eat the famous, juicy and tasty hamburger. And that is why it came in 2nd in my own top 5 of best hamburger restaurants in Rotterdam: I like to be able to actually eat it. I did, but success definitely has a downside. Nevertheless, this is a great place that indeed offers the best quality of meat and the bar/restaurant has a nice atmosphere. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle nor wait for your food go around lunch time or for a few beers and small snacks at the end of a working day.

burgeresse ter marsch best hamburger restaurant rotterdam

Or walk 100m down the street to find:

3. Hamburg – Witte de Withstraat 94B, 3012 BT

Before hamburgers became the rage in the local food scene, Hamburg was the first restaurant specialising in good quality burgers. Hipsters created the right vibe and now it is just one of the many burger bars in Rotterdam. They definitely offer the best combination of meat, bun, sauce and fries and actually have the juiciest burgers I’ve tasted this year. Also their specialty burgers (duck, chicken with brie, wild) are worth to go here (and come back). My personal favourite is cow vs pig and the variety veggie-burgers is definitely a plus if you want to go for dinner with a group!


4. Burger Club – Nieuwe Binnenweg 139A, 3014 GJ

One would easily pass by the new restaurant Burger Club, as it is a smallsized restaurant. But once you are inside and take a look at the menu, you know that you have come to the right place for proper hamburgers. At Burger Club you can pick any of the burgers on the menu and have them prepared with one of the three types of meat: Wagyu (Japanese beef), MRIJ (Dutch beef) or Iberico (pork beef of outstanding quality). Don’t like to choose? Order the slider with all three burgers in small size. But to be honest, nothing beats the Wagyu, that is grilled medium rare; what a treat. Tip: order one of the gin-tonics, Burger Club has a great selection!

slider burger club

5. Eetcafé Opa – Witte de Withstraat 49a, 3012BM

I did not discover this Opa-burger myself. It was my boyfriend, who had a hamburger here on the night before we met. As a food-addict (he is the brilliant brain behind he told me this burger was worth a try. I did and the first time I was not impressed. The meat was good, but the rest was average and the fries too salty. But I gave it a second try on a more quiet night and it was delicious!

So that’s it, the top 5 best hamburger restaurants in Rotterdam spring 2015-edition. As I have been eating a lot of burgers lately, you might want to know where you can find the worst hamburger in Rotterdam, the gayest and the best veggie burger. Therefore I wrote this addition:

‘The best alternative hamburger restaurants of Rotterdam’.


What is your favourite hamburger restaurant in Rotterdam?

(Oh and by the way: I am now looking for the best personal trainer in Rotterdam 2015. Suggestions welcome!)

About the pics: most of the time I take the pictures myself, but as I am better in writing than in taking pics (and I want to eat as soon as food is in front of me) I sometimes prefer using pics made by others and of course I mention their credits in the caption.

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