Since Airbnb and Couchsurfing have become valuable alternatives to regular hotelstays, the gay market is being served with gayfriendly options. Misterbnb and the Queer Couchsurfers group (the most active group on CS) are becoming more and more popular. Why?

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Straight friends are curious about these specialty-communities and numerous times I have been asked the same question: ‘Do you have sex with the hosts/ surfers?’

They probably have no idea how insulting this question is. When I tell them this, I get weird excuses like: ‘but you (gay) guys are known for being more easy with those things’. Imagine that straight people are having sex with every owner of a Bed & Breakfast: it would be as insulting to assume.

It is like saying that all owners of such places are sexaddicts that have multiple sexdates per day. That doesn’t even sound like a straight thing 😉

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Why are there gay alternatives?

Whereas a lot of people think that it is just a sex-thing, they have no clue how it feels to be not appreciated for who you are. The main reason for me to book through MisterBnb was that I do not want to feel weird to enter a place with my boyfriend.

-> Update: these days I also feel very comfortable in adults only hotels.

Some Airbnb-hosts have other opinions about that. I even experienced the embarrassing situation of hotelmanagers who apologized for having just one bed in the assigned room (which we booked on purpose).

Staying at a gay(friendly) place means you do not have to feel ashamed for being gay. The same goes for the Couchsurfing-group: knowing that you can talk freely about your partner or ask where the local gaybars are without having an awkward silence as an answer is something that really gives you the feeling of being yourself while on holiday.

So, did I have sex with my hosts or guests?

Seriously, do you really want an answer to that question? Would you even believe me if I said that I never had sex with my MisterBnb-hosts? Because that is my answer to that question. I am not saying that everybody is as strict on this as I am. And everybody can do whatever he or she wants. But since we’re on the topic:

Did you have sex with the staff of your hotel or the old lady that ran the Bed & Breakfast or Airbnb-place?

Comments are welcome underneath this post 😉

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