art piece at westkruiskade rotterdam

This week Dutch candidate cities to host Eurovision 2020 had to submit their bid books to the EBU. Rotterdam presented itself as the city of realness. And truth be said, Rotterdam and it’s citizens are known to be direct, upfront and don’t like to show off. It’s as real as it gets. So if Rotterdam becomes the host city of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, the Netherlands (and the rest of Europe) will experience how we ‘Make it happen’ here. Rotterdam, For Real. 

This is the video that accompanied Rotterdam’s bid book:

But if you’re curious to find out more on this city, check out this Rotterdam video by Eric van Vuuren too. Also, together with a friend, I created the video: Rotterdam by Night

And yes, we’re quite happy in Rotterdam.

Of course, as a proud ambassador of my city, and Eurovision fan I will keep you updated of events, parties and places to stay. But most of all, I will keep you posted on all the cool things Rotterdam has to offer. And yes, my annual Hamburgertest will get a special Eurovision update. Hopefully Mans Zelmerlow will have a hamburger with me too 😉