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Deciding which hamburger is the very best for the That Guy From Rotterdam – Hamburgertest is a serious task. As always I paid for all my burgers and I went to the restaurants unannounced, so I was sure I would get a burger that every single of my readers would have gotten. And I used 6 criteria to decide which burger is the best.

Not a winner...

Not a winner…

6 Criteria to determine the best hamburger

After teaming up with newspaper Metro for the 2016 Hamburgertest I decided to make the judging a bit more official. Nice words from the owner, a funky crowd and a great looking hamburger are no longer enough to guarantee a top 10 position.

  • Meat: how does it taste, is it well prepared and what kind of meat is used;
  • The bun: flavour, structure and how much does it absorb the juices of the meat;
  • Veggies/ toppings: what’s on it and how does it taste;
  • Sauce: is it adding something to the burger or is it taking over;
  • Handy: can you eat it with two hands without making a mess
  • Presentation: how does is look, can you see all ingredients and does it make you want to bite.

For each of these criteria I give whole points on a scale of 1 (really bead) to 10 (very good). The average of that is the final score.

The winner is…

metro hamburgertest-2016-best-hamburger-rotterdam-best-burgerbar-Baek

This is not even the worst…

After eating over 40 hamburgers in Rotterdam, I made a ranking and if burgers had the same score I compared them amongst each other and put the most original on top and the most boring one as the lowest with that score.

Finally I decided to leave out burgers that are not really gourmet burgers but more fast food. The result is a list of 30 best hamburgers + the worst hamburger in Rotterdam. The latter just to warn you, as this one is even worse than most fast food burgers.

Curious to know which burger is this year’s best hamburger?

Every year on International Hamburger Day I announce that year’s winner. In the meanwhile, read the best hamburger restaurants in Rotterdam