Welcome to my place!

As you can see, I live here and I’m happy that you chose my place for a stay in Rotterdam! I asked the interior architect to design a place that feels like a hotel room. Why? Because I love traveling and the comfort of a hotel. I hope you will enjoy it.

That being said, my apartment is obviously not a hotel and the place has some quirks that I’ve grown accustomed to, but might be a bit weird when you enter the place for the first time. So I’ve decided to write things down and also give you some handy links to relevant places to go.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to WhatsApp me. And if you liked it here, please leave a review at MisterBnB.com.


  • The glas/steel doors have a soft close system; close it until you feel resistance, and it will slide itself beyond that point. opening is the same, you’ll feel resistance se gently move it beyond that point.
  • Lightswitches/dimmers – push to switch ‘em on, twist to dim or brighten. Push to switch ‘em off. Sometimes pushing doesn’t work. That you need to hold the knob and pull it a bit towards you.
  • There’s food in some cupboards and the fridge. I rather have you enjoying it than wasting is, so be my guest. PLease leave the bottles of wine/brut unopened.
  • Lights in the wardrobe: there’s a remote on the left side just above the upper shoe shelf.
  • Lights in the kitchen are switched on with a gentle touch on the white touchpad. Press it longer to brighten/dim.
  • TV, there is no cable network active. Once you switch on the tv and click on the home button, you’ll see several apps. For HBO MAX, Showtime and NL ZIET (all Dutch tv channels) I have subscriptions. For all other services, please use your own logon credentials.
  • Tapwater is safe to drink, it’s as clean as bottled water. I use Brita filtered water for my coffee machine and kettle, just to avoid limescale. But don’t worry if you fill it with tap water, it’s fine for a few days 😉

House rules

  • You’re staying in a residential building and apartments are not fully sound proof. Please keep this in mind when you play music.
  • On weekdays, it’s common to not play loud music between 23.00 and 07.00. During weekends we’re a bit flexible but please do not throw parties and avoid excessive noise during the night.

Where to go?

You’re in a safe neighborhood, with people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. On sunny days it’s lively, on rainy days you’ll hardly see anyone outside. If you need groceries, look out for supermarkets Albert Heijn, Dirk van den Broek, Lidl and Aldi. For non prescription drugs Kruidvat and Etos as both closeby. At WestKruiskade you’ll find a great Asian supermarket Amazing Oriental. If you like ice cream, the IJSSALON is only 300m away and my favorite flavours are Black Androgyn and Pistache. Thai restaurant Soi3 and Japanese noodles at Takumi are also closeby. If you’re more into French cuisine than Marseille is pretty good (they serve oysters for € 1 each on Sunday afternoons) and Portugalia Tasca is a a Portugese grill restaurant, only a 10 minutes walk way.

Especially for my MisterBnB guests I’ve written a blogpost on Places for breakfast in Rotterdam and What to do in Rotterdam when it rains.