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If you’re a true early bird, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that Rotterdam is a large city without a lot of activity early in the morning. Contrary to travel guides claiming that the ‘Rotterdammers’ work hard and get up early, you won’t see any activity in the city center before 10.30 am. Even the busy West-Kruiskade is quiet early in the morning. So get up and enjoy a quiet breakfast in Rotterdam!

The downside is, that if you’re looking for a place to have an early breakfast, you’ll have a hard time finding anything that’s open before 8 am. I figured that if you get up that early, you’ll have enough time to find out where those places are (and leave them in the comments). I’ve listed 5 of my favourite spots alphabetically, and all I know is that they’re open around 10.30 😉

All places in this list are conveniently saved in my Rotterdam-list on Google Maps.

My fav places for breakfast in Rotterdam

Brunch Club

If you’re not so much into reservations like me, Brunch Club is great as they take no reservations. The Brunch Club is located in the popular shopping area Zwaanshals. It’s a cosy place and when the weather is nice, the terrace is a popular place. The menu offers different types of breakfast and even though there’s plenty of options, the best deal is not on the menu but only to be found on their website: a full breakfast for only €5,-.

It’s not very central, but walking there you’ll discover nice authentic parts of Rotterdam, with the Spoorsingel, Proveniersingel and Noordsingel all on the route. Opens at 9 am.

terrace breakfast the Brunch Club Rotterdam

pic: debuikvan


Get the vibes of American diners at byJarmusch. Super friendly staff and the breakfast options are great: eggs, oats, bowls, pancakes; it’s all great. My guilty pleasure though is the chicken waffles. Nice to know: with the filtered coffee a free refill is included.

ByJarmusch has two branches in the city:east and west. The hipster crowd usually prefers the more central located ‘East’. If you’re planning to go around lunchtime or during the weekend, a reservation will save you waiting time. I personally prefer ByJarmusch West as it is less crowded and literally across the bridge of historic Delfshaven (which also houses the Dutch pinball museum). Opens at 8 am.

byJarmusch East

pic: debuikvan


This is a hidden gem, that even locals have a hard time to find. But if you’re up for a little adventure to find the most delicious croissants, Krozant is the place to go. The trick is that you’ll have to enter the monumental Groothandelsgebouw through the main entrance, pass the concierge and find the stairs behind the elevator, on the right. It’s a few steps down and in the parking garage you’ll find Krozant. This is more a grab & go place than a nice place to sit (as they don’t even have chairs), but the experience of finding this place and the tast of their pastry is amazing. Opens at 8 on weekdays, 9 during the weekends.

Krozant Rotterdam breakfast croissant

pic: indebuurt.nl


Lilith is definitely one of my all time favourites, as they have healthy breakfasts, vega(n) options and just a good vibe. Indoors the restaurant is cosy, outdoors Lilith has great seating in the sun. The location is ideal if you’re planning to visit the Museumpark for Kunsthal and Depot Boijmans van Beuningen. Make a reservation if you want to eat here during the weekends. If you just walk in and all tables are taken, it’s good to know that neighboring Mams and Vlaamsch Broodhuys are also fine! Opens at 9 am.

Lilith breakfast and lunch in Rotterdam

pic: indebuurt

Palace House

Ok, this is the odd one on my list. Palace House is not a place I usually would go to, as I’m pretty ok with a small breakfast and a fresh americano. But as this is literally at the end of my street PLUS it gives a good hotel breakfast buffet vibe, this is actually a pretty good deal. You’ll have an all you can eat buffet breakfast for 15 euros (weekdays, €17,50 on weekends). They have a great selection of healthy options, sweets, eggs, Turkish specialties and juice. Coffee and fresh juices are not included in the price, but if you’re heading out for the day, this is a good place to have a nice breakfast and consume all the calories you’ll need for the day. Opens at 10 though.

pic: Groupon

Other places for breakfast in Rotterdam

I’m always curious to hear what you think about my tips, but also eager to find out which places you really enjoyed while you were here. So please leave a comment and help other visitors as well.

All places in this list are conveniently saved in my Rotterdam-list on Google Maps and I’m happy to add your recommendations!

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