If you like reading posts on That Guy From Rotterdam, you probably know that we love to travel all over the world and not only stay in our favorite hotels. We also love meeting locals through booking a place to stay through MisterBnB. Now the ‘gay AirBnB’ launches an easy to use app, for both travelers and hosts.


You might even have read the post: ‘Sex with your MisterBnB-host & couchsurfers‘ and became curious whether you would use the platform to find a place to stay. However it is not a dating site and the new app will definitely show you the bed where you’ll sleep, but who’s joining you in there is up to you.

For us the main reason to look for a gay friendly place to stay, is that we want to be sure we can be ourselves while I’m traveling. After all,we’re on a holiday and as long as we’re traveling in a country where being gay is legal, we don’t want to worry about giving each other a wake-up kiss at breakfast.

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MisterBnB app on iOS and Android

MisterBnB has been a great way to travel for me. I found a great place when I visited Barcelona Pride and for the article about Porto, local host Pedro helped me out with his best tips for a weekend Porto.

The new app for iPhone and Android phones makes it easier to find a gay friendly place to stay in any city. And even renting out your own place has become so simple, that you might want to consider becoming a host too.

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Host gay travelers through MisterBnB

As a frequent user of Couchsurfing I love to welcome lgbt-travelers in my own apartment. I’ve been doing that for more than 6 years now. But the world has changed a bit since AirBnB launched. However, Couchsurfing had it’s groups and made it easy to find likeminded fellow travelers. Luckily MisterBnB solved this problem when it launched the gay friendly platform.

The new app makes it easier than ever to find people you would like to host. You also support the lgbt-community by offering a safe place to stay. So if you have a spare room, you might as well use it to earn some pocket money for your next holiday.


Do you use MisterBnB or any other private host service?

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