It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, a sunrise is beautiful anywhere. But to me, the best ones are those that are enjoyed with a very good cup of coffee. But somehow it seems an impossible combination. With the Handpresso that problem is solved for good!

I love a good espresso. Or three at least. But when you’re travelling for a while, you’ll find that in some places it’s just hard to get anything more than black water with too much sugar. Unless you are travelling to big cities of course. But imagine sitting in an Indian desert and watching a beautiful sunrise and then the smell a disgusting and watery coffee. That can ruin the whole experience.

But recently I found this great gadget: the Handpresso! It’s available as manual or electrical (for cars) espresso-machine on the go. The concept is simple and brilliant: take an ESE-serving like the ones from Illy or Lavazza, add some hot water (in the manual machine) and then create the perfect espresso. Imagine what a difference it will make when you are waking up in places with stunning sunrises.

The Black Bliss

I know this is not a gadget for low-budget backpackers who want to experience the authentic pure life. Neither it’s something you would buy if you are travelling to luxery resorts. But when you are like me and just love backpacking with every now and then some western world-convenience, this is the thing to buy. You can order it straight from Handpresso. If you order from The Netherlands, you can find it at online stores like Fonq.

For those who want to buy me a present for my birthday, this is the thing that is on my wishlist now. So donate or connect and make me the happiest person in the world (for this year 😉 ).

PS. If you love coffee as much as I do (and you understand Dutch) also read my post about The London Coffee Festival, which I visited in april 2014. Or the The Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2015.