After eating over 40 hamburgers, I decided that there were actually 30 hamburgers that were worth to be mentioned in a ranking. So here’s the complete ranking of the best hamburger 2016 in Rotterdam. I’d love to hear which burger is your favorite. Even if it is in your own hometown. I’m traveling a lot and can;t wait to try new burgers!

Results That Guy From Rotterdam Hamburgertest 2016

Winner: Burger Club

Best Hamburger 2016


Nr 2: Hugh

Most beautiful and overwhelming hamburger


Nr 3: NRCafé

Most original with brie & green aspergus


Nr 4. Ter Marsch & Co 

Most popular burger in Rotterdam


Nr 5: Opa

An absolute classic!

metro hamburgertest-2016-best-hamburger-rotterdam-best-burgerbar-Opa

Nr 6. Ellis Gourmet Burger

Best burger chain in Rotterdam


Nr 7: Stroom 

Last year’s winner changed the recipe a bit

metro hamburgertest-2016-best-hamburger-rotterdam-best-burgerbar-Baek

Nr 8: Jamie’s Italian

Surprisingly good and mouthwatering hamburger

metro hamburgertest 2016 best hamburger rotterdam best burgerbar Jamies Italian

Nr 9: Hamburg

Huge and tasty with a bit too much jalapeños


Nr 10: Baek

New kid on the block with coleslaw ON the burger, love it!

metro hamburgertest-2016-best-hamburger-rotterdam-best-burgerbar-Baek

Nr 11:Nul10

A decent burger with great cheese


Nr 12: 1nul8

Juice beef burger with melted cheese on top, good choice.


NR 13: Bagel Bakery

Try the lamb burger with mint-mayonaise: instant-food porn.

That Guy From Rotterdam hamburgertest-2016-best-hamburger-rotterdam-best-burgerbar-Bagel-Bakery

Nr 14: Thuisch

The pancetta is great on this burger, but don’t try to eat this hamburger with your hands.

best hamburger rotterdam restaurant metro hamburger test 2016

Nr 15: De Bijenkorf

Pick your own toppings to give the average meat something extra.

liveliketom hamburgertest-2016-best-hamburger-rotterdam-best-burgerbar-Bijenkorf

Nr 16: De Tuin

Another DIY-burger with a lot of veggies on the side with a large bun for the hungry ones.

metro hamburgertest-2016-best-hamburger-rotterdam-best-burgerbar-De-Tuin

Nr 17: De Burgerij

Good meat, but going crazy with rocket and what’s the soapy sauce?

Nr 18: Westerpaviljoen

Average but nice burger after a sunny day on a terrace with some beers.

metro hamburgertest-2016-best-hamburger-rotterdam-best-burgerbar-Westerpaviljoen

Nr 19: Pickles

A cosy atmosphere and nice crowd. The burger was so so, or maybe too much sauce sauce.


Nr 20: Roffa Streetfood Bar

Loving the onion chutney on the burger, but a bit overpriced for what you get.

best hamburger rotterdam restaurant metro hamburger test 2016

Nr 21: Burgertrut

Ask Dutch people what a ‘kapsalon’ is and you’ll get an idea of the flavour.

metro hamburgertest-2016-best-hamburger-rotterdam-best-burgerbar-Burgertrut

Nr 22: Level

Well presented burger: looks good and goed perfectly with your cocktail.

best hamburger rotterdam restaurant metro hamburger test 2016

Nr 23: Thoms

Next year this will be the most popular burger: a nice one at first sight. Though a bit too well-done and impossible to eat with your hands.


Nr 24: Gracy’s

Nice 50’s style restaurant with classic burgers where Olivia Newton John and John Travolta would be singing: you’re the one that I want. A bit too ‘greasy’ maybe.

metro hamburgertest-2016-best-hamburger-rotterdam-best-burgerbar-Gracys

Nr 25: De Machinist

overwheliming hamburger with two patties, that are well done on the outside and raw on the inside.

metro hamburgertest-2016-best-hamburger-rotterdam-best-burgerbar-De-Machinist

Nr 26: Madera Houseb

A nice halal burger that is worth a try if you are exploring the ‘old west’ part of town.

Nr 27: Floor

If size matters to you, this is your burger.

metrp hamburgertest-2016-best-hamburger-rotterdam-best-burgerbar-Floor

Nr 28: Holy Smoke

Had everything to become a winner, but then the bun was burnt. And not even by the huge amount of japaños. Smoking hot!


Nr 29: Nostra

Pesto and cucumber sound great on a burger. Why don’t you give it a try yourself?

metro hamburgertest-2016-best-hamburger-rotterdam-best-burgerbar-Nostra

Nr 30: In de Doelen

The meat was perfect. But why does this burger scream: don’t eat me!

metro hamburgertest-2016-best-hamburger-rotterdam-best-burgerbar-Baek

This is not even the worst…

The worst hamburger?

It did not even make it to the top 30, this is the burger you should be warned for as it is a complete waste of money:

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