Hey there,

Nice that you found me on Instagram. I’m Serge and started my blog ‘ThatGuyFromRotterdam’ a few years back. I wrote popular articles about ‘having sex with your MisterBnB host‘, why tourists love Rotterdam, but also about ‘why gays don’t act normal during pride‘ and ‘Coming out of the boring gay.

Serge founder of the kinda gay travel blog That Guy From Rotterdam.com

It took me some time to figure out what I like to write about. For sure it’s about hamburgers, and the travels I make with my wonderful partner. Or when I travel without him, for instance to Benidorm Pride. However, most of the content I write is in Dutch.

Do you know Rotterdam?

But since my followers on Instagram do not always understand this awkward language, I decided to write a bit more in English. And mainly as a (non sponsored btw) invitation to visit the city I live in: Rotterdam.

So here are some nice reads for you. But please leave a comment if you want to read other stuff in English too.

gay influencer in New Orleans