Paraty - Brazil

Paraty – Brazil

So many places in the world to see; you will never have enough time to visit them all. Nevertheless it’s quite easy to pick your next destination. You just need to stop thinking about where you should go.

When you have a clear picture of where you want to travel, this post is not for you. You can spend your time better by booking your tickets right away. But if you have no idea where you want to go, or you have a few options and don’t know which to pick: here’s how you can make it a bit easier to choose.

How to find a destination

For me, finding a destination never has been the result of extensive research. I just get inspired by other peoples stories, the coffe I drink (and reading about the countryname on the package) magazines or photos that I accidentally find on Google when looking for something else. Nevertheless I can imagine it doesnt work that way for the rest of the world. So here are 3 techniques that I used in my work as a creative in advertising, that can help you find your dream-destination.

1. Pointing out

Just get yourself a map of the world and without looking at it, put your finger on the map. That’s your destination! Really? Yes, really! If you have reasons not to go there, write them down. Now take a look at that map again and find the countries where this list does not apply to. (If you are not sure, then just put it on your list of possible destinations.) From that short list you just pick the one closest to the original place that you first pointed out. Have a great trip!

2. Pick your favourite colour

Open Google, type your favourite colour and search for images. Once you see an image that you like, look for the name of the file and combina that name with the word holiday in your next google search. Don’t like the first destinations that Google will come up with? Do the same excersise as in the first technique (write down the reasons why not to go there and then narrow your next search.)

3. Ask a stranger

You can always ask friends for suggestions, but I prefer a bit more excitement to get out of my comfortzone. Go to your favorite coffeehouse or bar and ask a complete stranger that looks like someone you would like to meet and ask for his or her best holiday memory/ -destination. Even if you don’t like the outcome, you will have a great conversation with a complete stranger about travelling. And I can assure you that everybody loves to talk about travelling.

How to pick from a few options!

If you have a few options but you do not know which destination you should visit first, then just figure out for which destination the time is best to travel and match it with the dates that you want to travel. Still too many options? Then skip all the ones that you are not ready for yet (money, time, travel experience) and just pick the one that is the furthest away.

It is just as simple as that. Dont be too hard on yourself: you will never see the whole world, but at least you can learn how to deal with that concept while creating great memories in the places you do visit.