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Have you ever been to a destination where all your straight friends were raving about, but you just couldn’t understand why? Probably the lack of gay nightlife or the absence of Grindr-guys within 35 km made you think why the hell you went off to this place. Is it really that hard to enjoy a holiday without a vibrant gayscene? Not really. But to create a bit of fun, just use these tips to make the best out of it.


Family hotels

Gay travel is not all about travelling to gay destinations. You may not even be into a total gay vacation at all. But sometimes you just need a bit of rainbow to brighten your day. Surviving straight destinations without feeling too gay can be hard. Especially if you booked a family hotel instead of adults only.

So never book a family hotel in the first place. It will ruin your holiday, no matter how ‘normal’ you want to be. Try to find an upmarket hotel without a playground or go for a luxury hotel. All the money you’ll save because there are no clubs, is well spent on an indulgent lifestyle. For once this is a good reason to live up to the cliché of gays spending more.

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Compliments and casual flirting

Flirting with hotel’s staff is a nice game to play while being stuck in a straight environment. Sometimes you are lucky and there is some gay staff around. But if there’s not a single gay in the area (check Grindr to see if you are the only rainbow warrior in town), why not flirt with a girl or two? Or confuse a straight guy by openly complimenting him on the way he looks. Everybody likes compliments and it may even turn out that your destination is more gay friendly than you thought.

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my fucking shoes by Floris van Bommel

Request a song

Remember the days when you would go out and ask the dj to play a song. Yes, I was born in the 70s and proud of it! These days it is not very common to request for a song, and the few bars that still have a Wurlitzer probably only have it there for it’s looks. So be wild and just ask for an Abba-song, Donna Summer disco-classic or anything else to give the crowd a good time.

You don’t need to be outspokenly gay in your requests, but a dancefloor is for dancing, no matter where you are. And even in a pub people like to sing along with a good old Whitney- or Diana-song.

If you got it, flaunt it

Aussiebum proudly use this slogan for one of their most popular campaigns. And even if you are not a gymrat, it is very likely that you are in better shape than any of the other male guests. And women like that. So show off, be a bit more gay around the poolarea and let those women see what happens if their husbands don’t go out watching soccer and drinking with beerbuddies every night. The guys won’t like that. But who cares?

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Source: Aussie Bum Facebook

Source: Aussie Bum Facebook

Of course I don’t need to be a fulltime gay while on holiday. I like to refer to myself as ‘normal’ whatever that may be. But adding a bit of gayness to a dull destination doesn’t hurt anyone.

What are your tricks to add a bit of excitement to a non-gay destination? Or do you just not go there?

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