I’ve been writing on this ‘kinda gay travel’ blog for over two years now and even though a lot of people tell me I must have an exciting life, I actually have a confession to make. Yes, my travels are amazing and I love the things I do. But if you’ve read between the lines, you also noticed that most of my trips have not much to do with the cliché of a gaycation. And I like it like that.

When I talk with representatives of destinations about featuring their destination on That Guy From Rotterdam, they usually start by apologizing for the lack of gay prides, gay hotels and gay clubs in their region. But to me that just sounds like a dream destination!

climbing gear klimspullen klimmen boheems paradijs

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When I was younger and a bit more restless, I went on city trips just for the local pride parties. I celebrated the largest pride of the world in Sao Paulo, the largest pride of North America in Toronto and I cannot recall the number of hot guys I saw dancing on countless events all over the world. But to be honest, I am way too boring for that.

I’m that boring gay guy

It has nothing to do with age, because I know a lot of guys in their 50’s partying like 18 year olds, having the time of their life. Showing off their well trained and tanned hot bodies, only wearing Speedo’s and sunglasses. I sometimes even get jealous of that.

tree in a field with a fence surrounding

But then, when I think about my ideal gay holiday, I see myself with my boyfriend enjoying nature. Jungle, mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, forest, beaches, landscapes.


We also enjoy visiting museums, waking up relatively early to explore a new city, hiking for a few hours (read also why I love hiking with the HOTBEARS), taking pictures of flowers, learning about the country’s history. Oh, and we love outdoor activities: scuba diving, mountainbiking, paragliding, skiing, climbing, horseriding: you name it, we like it.

To most people that doesn’t sound boring at all. But the unfortunate stereotype is that gays should be partying, shopping and clubbing all the time. I just don’t like that (anymore). Call me boring.

gay couple helicopter las vegas grand canyon romantic

death road la paz bolivia mountain bike tour

Ready to go all the way down…

What makes it a gay holiday then? 

Our travels are quite similar to those from straight couples. There are only a few minor details that differ from the average straight holiday.

  • We try to avoid places with kids. That’s why we enjoyed our stay so much at this ‘adults only hotel‘.
  • We prefer to pick places that (if legal in that country) show their support to the LGBTQ-community. For instance: if the properties are gay owned, use pictures with same sex couples every now and then or if they have any collaboration with gay travel agencies.
  • gay destination Toronto CanadaWe just like to know in advance that we are treated just like any other guests. If we cannot figure that out or if the law in a country makes it impossible to express gay friendliness, we will adjust. That usually means that we do exactly the same as on any holiday, but we will not look each other in the eyes romantically during dinner or hold hands in public. It’s a tough thing to do, but a small price to pay for treating people from different backgrounds with respect. After all: we are the guests, we adjust to the rules of the house. Just like how we expect people to adjust when they come to our country.

Apart from that, we like cute staff members to look at. But that should be standard anywhere in the world, regardless of laws. In fact, that should be a law!

cocktails florissuite

Super cute and friendly staff, with the right text on the t-shirt… 🙂


What makes your holiday a gaycation?