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Explore gay Rotterdam

Rotterdam does not have a vibrant gay nightlife. That being said, you’ll be surprised how welcome you’ll feel in the city that welcomes people of any kind! Here you won’t have to advertise your gay identity to be yourself. As they say in the lively harbour city ‘you’re already crazy…

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Where are the gay bars in Rotterdam?

With Eurovision 2020 on it’s way, gay bars in Rotterdam are competing with straight bars, pretending to be gay. So, support your community and spend your euros at the bars that have always been there for you, and with your help will always be. That’s why I’ve put together a…

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HELP, my destination is not gay enough!

Have you ever been to a destination where all your straight friends were raving about, but you just couldn’t understand why? Probably the lack of gay nightlife or the absence of Grindr-guys within 35 km made you think why the hell you went off to this place. Is it really…

Benidorm Pride 16 in 10 pictures
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Benidorm Pride ’16 in 10 pictures

Benidorm Pride 2016 was a big surprise to first time visitors like me. Great parties, restaurants serving ‘Pride Tapas’ and enough bars, clubs and parties to have fun all night long. During the day you can even recover on a quiet beach, where ‘clothing optional’ was the dresscode. That Guy From Rotterdam visited…

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Gay prides: why gays don’t act ‘normal’

Gay prides attract a diverse crowd, which some people really cannot stand. Every year ’the gays’ go all the way to prove the world they have the right to be here. Some say it does not do any good to ’the cause’. In drag, wearing leather, naked, chained and pierced,…

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Coming out of the boring gay

I’ve been writing on this ‘kinda gay travel’ blog for over two years now and even though a lot of people tell me I must have an exciting life, I actually have a confession to make. Yes, my travels are amazing and I love the things I do. But if…

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