This is part 2 of Benidorm Pride in 10 pictures

7. For all ages seniors supporting lgbt community in Benidorm

Let’s be honest: there are a lot of senior citizens in Benidorm. But they are not as grumpy as you might think. Look at these lgbt-fans: dancing, making pictures with their smartphones and iPads. Come on, it’s a pride for all, so don;t be arrogant and wave back. You might even get a wink or two.

8. Pride Arena

Benidorm Pride Arena auditorium Julio Iglesias

Throughout the week, during the first days of Benidorm Pride, the Mirador del Castillo was the heart of all parties. But when the weekend started, the Pride Arena was the place to be. The auditorium in the center of new Benidorm is a great arena in classical style, where you could dance or chill out.

9. Dance… or don’tgo go dance in wrestle outfit

Sometimes you feel like gay prides are just about getting drunk and dancing. But sometimes it is just nice to enjoy the view and realize how lucky you are to be in a country where you can safely have your gay pride. Oh my, when did I become so philosophical? It must be the alcohol-free month I commited myself to.

10. Meet new people

lgbt influences bloggers liveliketom wandering wives at benidorm pride for visit benidorm

‘Wandering Wive’ Emily & That Guy From Rotterdam’s Serge backstage at Benidorm Pride

A pride is always a good excuse to meet new people. Outfluential and Visit Benidorm created a great trip for lgbt influencers. We had an amazing time with bloggers from Wandering Wives (Emily and Siân), White City Boy, Dutchified and Gaydio’s Emma, Toby and Chris during Benidorm Pride ’16.

But even if you are not traveling and meeting these amazing people, we’re sure you will have a great time in Benidorm. Soon the ‘real article’ about our adventures will be online, but we just couldn’t wait to share these pics with you.

In the mean time we’re curious: what do you think about Benidorm?