Benidorm Pride 16 in 10 pictures

Benidorm Pride 2016 was a big surprise to first time visitors like me. Great parties, restaurants serving ‘Pride Tapas’ and enough bars, clubs and parties to have fun all night long. During the day you can even recover on a quiet beach, where ‘clothing optional’ was the dresscode.

That Guy From Rotterdam visited Benidorm (read the full post here: Benidorm is back! ) and shares ‘Benidorm Pride in 10 pictures’. Please leave a comment if you want more of our travels covered this way.

1. The Beachfouta regenboog rainbow towel benidorm beach zusenzomer

You thought Benidorm only had crowded beaches with ugly drunk British tourists? You thought wrong. Just a few minutes from that well known ‘Levante Beach’ you will find Tio Ximo. This clothing optional beach is a hidden gem, which you can only enter by bike or foot.

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The blue sea is great for snorkeling. You will definitely need a cool down here, because we saw some hot Spanish meet showing off their …ehm…muscles. We even thought we saw some cruising going on at the left side of the pebbled beach, but maybe we were just daydreaming.

2. Benidorm gay party at the Mirador del CastilloGreat gay party benidorm pride 16

Where once a castle overlooked the sea, now the Mirador del Castillo is the vibrant heart of festivals and parties in Benidorm. The white party during Benidorm Pride was a huge success and open to all for free. The old town of Benidorm is close by, so it is easy to walk to the numerous bars, where gorgeous men of all ages partied all night long.

3. Romantic views

romantic gay couple in Benidorm

The iconic skyline of Benidorm is great. Especially when you bring your date (or partner, or boy/girlfriend, or shag) down to the viewpoint down Mirador del Castillo. Have a drink, have a look at the sea, at each other…and make it a night not to forget.

4. Benidorm Pride everywhere you look

benidorm gay travel destination lgbt travel

Restaurants, bars, shops, they all seem to embrace the lgbt-community in Benidorm. Hundreds of buildings host thousands of people and during Benidorm Pride you will see rainbow flags everywhere. So look up and feel loved!

5. “Normal gays”

hot scruff gay couple spanish latin beards

I often hear people complaining about the extravaganza during prides. And yes, there are a lot of dragqueens, dramaqueens and leatherfans out there during a pride. But instead of serving you these clichés (I’ll keep them for my private collection) look at these two guys. Having fun wearing clothes and just being your average (Spanish and gorgeous, I admit) gay couple. Also to be spotted in Benidorm. Happy pride, guys!

6. The Benidorm Pride Parade

Benidorm Pride beach parade levante beach

A pride parade that will take you all along the beach, straight to the Pride Arena in the heart of the city. Who wouldn’t love that. And the audience here is not only on the street and beach. The bars, hotels, restaurants and apartments are packed with enthusiastic fans to cheer for you!

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